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Writur Needed

Reply to:   I need a good writur to help me on a projekt that im werking on. Im partly there with it alredy. but it culd use jess a little werk. Flat rate job ok?(thats a bizness term

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Hardwood Floors Turn Out to be Cold After All – Need Area Rug!

In a shocking development, residents of a Panhandle flat discovered that their hardwood floors were, in fact, cold after all. “We honestly didn’t think it could happen,” said one of the residents. “But then one day, there we were walking

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Washer and Dryer – Our Clothes Stopped Washing Themselves! – $100

Our clothes did something strange the other day. See, they stopped washing themselves. We’re positively confounded, and it’s hard to fathom, really, but the proof is right there: my clothes stink. My girlfriend’s clothes stink. And not uncoincidentally, we stink.

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