Cat Tree (or SFC seeks TCT)

Will Chase

i’m tired of failed relationships with couches, beds and office chairs. i’m tired of the run-around and all the games. i consistently beat that damn canary senseless, and the pink furry thing? yeah, i *own* the pink furry thing, that bitch. i’m ready for a new challenge … i want to climb to great heights and, standing on somebody’s strong shoulders, look down on the rest of the world, as it should be.

i’m embarrassed to have to turn to the internet to find love, but i’m afraid i’ve exhausted all other possibilities. so here goes:

i’m a SFC (small furry cat) looking for a TCT (tall cat tree) for a no-strings attached, long term platonic relationship. actually, the “no strings attached” part is negotiable … if you’re into that kind of thing, i wouldn’t mind tying some strings on you so we can “play” … wink wink. so yeah, if you’re into kink, we can get into some scratching and biting too … and a little carpet munching always gets me worked up. meooow.

me? my people call me nimbus, because i apparently look like a storm cloud (whatever, dorks). i’m a nuzzling love terrorist, and an active climber. i’m 420 friendly. i can jump a good 5 feet in the air from a standing stop. i can run along the sides of couches, beds and walls, like they did in that matrix movie (and i could probably act that stupid keanu reeves under the table, but that’s another story). i sleep in the nude.

you? you’re big, sturdy and strong. you’re multi-faceted and multi-layered, and yet you keep your feelings buried. you’re reliable and stoic, with a high threshold for pain (see kink, above). i don’t care what color you are … i’m colorblind. you keep your carpet trimmed.

and if you’re cheap (like cheap as in free for the taking), all the better. i kinda got wiped out in the dot com bullshit (options? yeah, i got yer options right here … i’m using ’em to line my litter pan, pal), so i’m tight on funds. if you’ve got another cat you’re sleeping with, and you just want a pussy “on the side”, i’m not your girl. and if your carpet isn’t clean (and you know what i mean), forget it.

if this sounds good to you, shoot me an email. your pic gets mine.

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