Services and Testimonials

In Shrine's installation, Symbiosis Gathering 2009 (Photo credit Katie Sutherland)

In Shrine’s installation, Symbiosis Gathering 2009 (Photo credit Katie Sutherland)

Will Chase Arts provides a wide variety of arts and event management services.

We curate art exhibitions for events, music festivals, galleries, cafes, bars, restaurants, boutiques, commercial buildings, and private gatherings, by tapping our large database of local artists. We work with everything from paintings, photography and sculpture to fire art, videography, light art, experimental audio, interactive installations, and site-specific pieces. We specialize in large-scale public sculptures.

We produce arts events, gallery openings, silent auctions, and live auctions, including full event production services, often in the role of art direction and art curation.

We’re experienced in stage management, having managed opera productions, ballet, fire performances, circus, aerialist, performance art, theater, fashion shows, live music and DJ stages.

Finally, given the right opportunity, we’ll collaborate on the creation of large- and small-scale art installations, such as the Panhandle Bandshell, a collaborative project between The Finch Mob and our friends REBAR.

This is all based on a long history of project management in the software industry and in the arts.


“Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you achieved this weekend. In the last year I’ve shown a lot in San Francisco, Belgium and even a museum show, but you(!) created the most interesting show, honestly. And the most inspiring thing: you didn’t behave like a madman or robot. So refreshing … thanks so much for a positive experience.
—Florence (exhibiting artist)”

“I can’t thank you enough for helping us make the second annual Treasure Island Music Festival such a successful, intimate and truly unique experience. To say it could not happen without you would be an understatement. Looking forward to working with you again next year!”
—Stacy Horne, Noise Pop Industries

“Thank you for everything you did to make our event run so smoothly. Both with pre-planning and day of show, you showed tremendous professionalism. I greatly appreciate all you did to make our Silent Auction so successful and am happy to have you on my team anytime.”
—Theresa Reed-Hayle, The Rex Foundation

“I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and devotion you put into making this show truly an amazing experience. Your commitment to excellence shined above all and we were able to handily manage a tight and safe show against all odds. Your calmness and humour kept the actors at ease. This is a tremendous skill. Thank you.”
—Jay Kravitz, The Crucible

“I can not come up with the words to express my true satisfaction of working with all of you on a project that I feel was more than successful. My dreams of being involved on the level that we achieved as a collective group of artists were more than realized. The way in which the entire project was handled from start to finish and the true comraderie exceeded my hopes.”
—Marcus Guillard, The Finch Mob