IBG4 Seeks DIMM for Long Term Relationship

Will Chase

IBG4 seeks DIMM for long-term, deeply carnal relationship! I’m looking for somebody slim, hard-bodied and smart for a physical and intellectual relationship — and constant intercourse.

I am a single, white iBook G4 with a hungry slot that only you can fill. You’re 100% pure silicon and circuitry … and you have a flawless memory. 512 megabytes of it, to be exact. I don’t like to discriminate, but unless you’re a 200 pin PC2100 DDR266 SO-DIMM, you’re just not my thing. Hoo boy, I’m getting hot just thinking about it.

When we get back to my place, we’ll start with a screwdriver to loosen things up — nothing opens me up quite like a good screwdriver. Then, you’ll slip in, embedding yourself into my slot. When things really power up, I’ll inject you with my information. Hard. It should be something you never forget … at least until we power down, anyway.

Please no stoners who forget everything they just heard, and if we’re physically or intellectually incompatible, it’s just not going to work. Been there, short-circuited that.

If this flips your bit, let’s talk! Your pic gets mine.

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